Jan 10, 2022

Trtl Packing Pods And Why You Will Love Them


Emma Miller


Trtl Packing Pods

And Why You Will Love Them

We've all been there. A few days into your vacation and living out of your suitcase has become a tedious chore of unpacking and re-packing, smoothing clothes to remove their inevitable wrinkles, mixing clean and dirty laundry, the list goes on and on and on... If this is you, then listen up because Trtl has the answer!

So, what exactly are packing pods, and why are they better than packing cubes?

Well, we’re so happy you asked! Being hailed for their stylish design and practicality, our Trtl Packing Pods help you organize your travel bag or suitcase. We hear you, but what do Pods do that Cubes don't? 

Aside from organizing your travels, our Pods 

  • promote the garment-rolling technique, which saves space and limits wrinkles and creases of your clothing,
  • allow you to categorize your luggage by assigning different functions to the different shaped Pods,
  • feature a robust hanging g-hook for easy access (no more rummaging for a specific item),
  • save around 13 plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans and landfills.

Can packing cubes do all that?

Meet our revolutionary Trtl Packing Pod

Our Trtl Packing Pods come in three sizes with color-coding tags, making it easy to know what you have packed in each pod. Designed to fit every bag shape, our Pods are suitable for a cabin-sized case up to a family-sized case. Snuggage for your luggage, as we like to say! The separate packing pods enable you to unpack in stages and avoid an open suitcase that looks as if it has endured a clothing explosion. 

A handy, helpful tip is to give your Pods different functions, for example, use the Large Pods for bulky clothing like jeans and sweaters, use the Medium Pod for t-shirts and shorts or underwear and swimwear, and the Small Pods for toiletries or even dirty laundry that you don't want mixing with your clean clothes. By compartmentalizing, you can access different categories of your packed luggage quickly and easily without having to pull out your whole wardrobe to find your favorite shirt.

The outer water-resistant fabric of our Pods is 100% Ripstop polyester - the kind you often see on tents and strong outdoor clothing. What makes this material even better is the fact is it made from recycled plastic bottles saved from being dumped in our oceans and landfills. In fact, each pack saves approximately thirteen bottles!

More than just an organizer

You can hang your travel wardrobe anywhere! Each of our Pods comes with a carry handle and hanging strap. Our custom zinc alloy G-hook on each of our revolutionary Trtl Packing Pods enables you to hang your Pods on a door hook, clothing rail, or flat surface. They can hold up to 30kg of luggage. Yes, you read that correctly - thirty kilograms of luggage! And because of this, you can create a daisy chain by hanging your Trtl Packing Pods directly from each other, meaning you can save space when it is at a premium in your accommodation room. 

Our Pods provide storage flexibility and the option to carry one with you when sightseeing, spending the day at the beach, or you can even use it as a gym bag. 

Let's recap why you'll love our Pods!

  • Maximize space and limit wrinkles & creases by rolling clothes,
  • Stay organized by categorizing your pods with different functions, 
  • Avoid excessive packing,
  • Allow easy access to clothing and toiletries,
  • Use one as a laundry pod (no more sniff tests!),
  • Save plastic bottles ending up in our oceans and landfills one packing pod at a time.
  • And did we mention that they are machine washable?

Ready to check 'em out? Clicky-click! Still not quite sure? Watch our video below!

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