Jan 04, 2019

Top 10 European City Breaks


Hayley Powell


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After you’ve been away on your main holiday in the year, you can’t help but want a second, or third getaway, and with the price of flights and accommodation being so affordable this time of year, it’s tempting to start browsing again. Jetting off to somewhere in Europe makes for an affordable city break with cities that have plenty to offer tourists. But where should you venture off to? Here’s a look at the top 10 European city breaks you should consider for your next trip. 

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One of the most iconic city’s in the world, Rome offers beautiful architecture, a lively energy every evening and best of all, all the food and wine is amazing. Flights to Italy are known to be fairly cheap and if you find the right hotel, the accommodation won't be a set back either. The city is full of delightful landmarks to explore such as the Colosseum and the Trevi fountain, but if you get your fill of the tourist spots, you can also spend your days finding new restaurants and quirky shops to enjoy.

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This is likely at the forefront of people recommendations when searching for the top 10 European city breaks. Barcelona is a coastal city that offers warm weather for the majority of the year, and the local beaches make this a perfect tourist spot for people looking for both a city break and a few days in the sun. there’s likely too much to explore for a long weekend, but visiting La Rambla, a street dedicated to markets and street entertainment is a lively day to enjoy, and you can also visit Sagrada Familia, the famous incomplete cathedral that will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

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The city of love gets is reputation from being a couples getaway choice for anyone wanting a weekend away. The majority of Paris’s landmarks can be seen during a long walk around the city and matching that with the finest wines and pastries makes for a great weekend. The nightlife in this city is also known around the world, but it’s worth mentioning that it can be an expensive place to go out in.

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This city might have made an infamous name for itself over the years, but there is still plenty of other things to do in this great city. Amsterdam is small enough to cycle around in, and the city encourages this method of transport. Amsterdam also offers a number of alluring museums and galleries to explore while roaming around the dinky gabled buildings and bridges. The nightlife is reasonably priced and there are a number of innovative ways to grab a quick bite to eat if you’re not wanting a visit to a restaurant in the daytime.

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Over the past few years, Lisbon has made its ways onto a number of top 10 European city breaks lists and with good reason. The capital of Portugal is a sunkissed city that offers bars, restaurants and authentic shops to explore daily. Lisbon has the Atlantic ocean in its backdrop and is a traditional city for tourists to explore and love. If you’re looking for somewhere easy to venture round that isn’t going to be as overly busy as some of the other cities mentioned, Lisbon might be a perfect choice. 

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A city that almost works as a magnet for the historical tourists looking to learn. Whether you venture here in the summer or winter, Berlin is one of the most stimulating city’s to visit, with the famous Berlin wall and the Brandenburg Gates to visit, Berlin is a modern city that highlights Germany’s ability to entertain all. Naturally, the choice of bars to visit are endless and the food you can purchase from street vendors and other outlets makes for some of the best stories when visiting Berlin, and it’s a perfect choice for a winter getaways if you’re looking to explore the renowned German markets in the evening.

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It’s rare to find a city that has been fortified with walls, but with Dubrovnik’s rich history in world trade many centuries ago, it makes the city a beautiful place to visit. The city is now Croatia's most upmarket destination and used to have one of the largest naval fleets when the city was a hub for traders all around the world. It’s a charming city that includes a pedestrian-only old town which makes exploring the city feel truly authentic.

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A weekend getaway that caters itself for everyone, located in Hungary, Budapest is an old-fashioned city that makes it an ideal destination to explore. Budapest is a hub for tourist looking for a weekend of drinking and eating, but also offers magnificent architecture for the explorers. The city is also well known for its public baths and hot springs, so it’s best to bring some swimwear.

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In a city where cars have very little right of way, the public can walk and cycle anywhere and enjoy it much more. The city offers over 1000 years of royal history which gives Copenhagen a great number of castles and palaces to explore in the daytime, and there’s a surprisingly rich amount of varied attractions to visit while you stay in the city. When it comes to the top 10 European city breaks, Copenhagen is a destination that offers a thriving fashion, museums and architecture scene to enjoy.

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Depending on your homeland, flights to Dublin are known to be very cheap and take you to a city bubbling with life. Known to welcome families, couples, stag dos and hens parties, Dublin offers plenty of culture and fun activities in the day, and live music and entertainment in the evening.

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