Jan 04, 2019

6 Places to Visit in Winter for a Weekend Getaway


Hayley Powell


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The winter season comes and goes very quickly and with the season being dedicated to different celebrations that bring people closer in the colder months of the year. Sometimes, you’ll want to be brought closer to the festivities, and with snowfall, decorations and outdoor markets coming to life all around the world, there are some places to visit in winter that will really get you into the spirit.

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Frankfurt, Germany

It’s not as big as Berlin or Munich, but Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany and offers an amazing winter experience. Frankfurt is one of the best places to visit in winter with Christmas markets, ice skating rinks and cocktail dens bringing some extra warmth to the cold season. It’s a city that is amazing to explore in both the day and evening and its creative choice of architecture is simply beautiful. December is always a good time to visit Frankfurt for a weekend away as the flights and accommodation prices become much lower.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

A City that is perfect in the winter, Edinburgh is known as the cultural capital of Scotland, and it’s medieval alleys, Georgian buildings and castle make it a city full of history to explore. Edinburgh’s modern restaurants and shops make this one of the best places to visit in winter if you're wanting a day filled with festive shopping and evening of entertainment. The city also celebrates Hogmanay in December, which is an end of year festival that includes concerts, fireworks and other processions to enjoy.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Regarded as one of the best places to visit at Christmas, Prague offers multiple layers to the reasons you come to this historic city for the winter. With open city squares full of entertainment, gothic architecture and an iconic cathedral, Prague has endless lists of things to do for the weekend, and you might even find some gift inspiration while walking across the Charles Bridge.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Another city that embraces the winter for what it is, cold and dark. However, Reykjavik offers plenty of winter entertainment which is unlike anything around the world. Even though it’s one of Europe’s coldest countries, being able to see the northern lights is unlike anything else, and being able to relax in geothermal swimming pools is becoming very popular, it’s not often you can sit in a naturally heated pool while snow falls on you from above. February sees this city in celebration of the Winter Lights Festival and its lists of restaurants, museums and winter sports makes it a very lively place to be.

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Venice, Italy 

One of the top European tourist attractions in the winter. The city becomes a very exciting place during the Carnival of Venice, with bizarre entertainment daily keeping tourists and local spirits warm. It’s worth mentioning that the costumed event can set you back a hefty, so it’s worth looking into the events further before you start booking. Asides from the Carnival, Venice is one of the best places to visit in winter as it has a much slower pace and you can really soak up the culture and enjoy a much quieter place.

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There’s always plenty of events to check out in your local cities, but if you're looking to make some memories and jet off to visit some brand new culture, these five places are constantly mentioned when looking for the best places to visit in winter.

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