Jan 04, 2019

Trtl's Ultimate Guide to Meditate Your Way to a Stress Free Trip


Cara Hunt

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Have a peaceful flight with our top tips for travelling mindfully. 

Whether you’re a regular meditator or like us you’re more of a dabbler in deep breathing and relaxation, we all know how stressful traveling can be. We want to help you get the most from your next trip and enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

To help you make sure you’re travelling mindfully, we’ve gathered some top tips to help you: keep your cool at the airport, make time for yourself and be ready to make the most of your destination. Don’t let your travel worries overwhelm you - check out our mindful travel tips and have a totally serene trip.

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How to stay calm at the airport.

Whilst many people love the saying ‘it’s not the destination, it’s the journey’, your time in the airport can often be a major source of stress. Once you've passed through security and made it to the departure lounge all you have to do is keep an eye out for your gate and board the plane! We've all been guilty of dropping a little more of our holiday spending money than we intended on a pricey perfume or some snazzy sunglasses. 

Instead of plundering the duty free department, or anxiously watching those departure boards, why not take the opportunity to spend some of your wait meditating? The plane almost certainly won’t leave without you - though to ease any worries, try setting a five minute timer. Take a seat, close your eyes and focus on the destination ahead of you, it’s the reason for your journey after all. Explore the destination in your mind, and smile - you’re on your way to a super relaxing trip. 

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Try some on-site yoga to calm your body and your mind. 

If you're new to meditation, yoga can be a great way to get into a relaxed mindset. The slow, careful movements can help you focus, and even gentle exercise can release endorphins which elevate your mood.

Some airports such as San Francisco International and London Gatwick now have yoga studios where you can make sure you’re stretched and relaxed before you board the plane. If you’re not lucky enough to be traveling from an airport with it’s very own yoga studio Gatwick have made their 20 minute pre - flight yoga routine available to everyone. Just find a quiet corner once you're past TSA and try some simple stretches. 

If you're getting serious about your yoga on the go, you can find many awesome small and packable travel yoga mats out there to choose from.  Our favourite is YOGO's travel yoga mat, it's small enough to fit in your carry on and great for a quick airport stretching session.

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How to meditate on the plane.

Once you’ve made it onto the plane, you can settle in for some serious relaxation. If you usually meditate at home there’s no reason you can’t keep this up on the plane. Don't forget to pop on your Trtl Pillow to ensure that your head and neck are in the perfect position for getting some rest.  If you haven't got one for yourself yet, then just click here to get yours today :)

To start the relaxation process Paige Davis of Mind Body Green, recommends taking your cue to wind down from the flight attendants. She writes, ‘When the flight attendant tells everyone to power off, that is a good cue!’ Don’t worry about flight mode, switch off your devices and give your mind some time to switch off too.

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Get Comfortable

If you like to bring a blanket with you on the plane, try sitting with this on your lap during your regular meditations before you travel. If you can, take it with you to ensure that you feel comfortable and help make the plane feel a little more familiar.

If you usually use any aromatherapy oils for your meditation - why not bring a small, leak proof rollerball with you on the plane? You can apply to pressure points for a sensory tip off that it’s time to relax. Lavender, rose and chamomile are all proven relaxing scents, but if you're a little concerned that your neighbours might not appreciate being interrupted with your favourite relaxing scent why not try the Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Rollerball. At just 10ml it's perfect for travel.

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Focus on Your Breathing

If you’re struggling to focus on your meditation on the plane, try tuning in to the sound of the plane engines. Many people find the white noise produced by airplanes calming, however if you’re a nervous flier, turn your focus inward to the rhythm of your own breathing. Take deep, slow breaths and focus on the sensation rather than the noises around you.

If you need a little extra focus, try using noise cancelling headphones, in combination with a white noise app like Infinite Storm, which has a range of sounds from hailstorms to. Or if you'd rather be guided in your meditation practice, try an app like Calm or Headspace to help you on your way to becoming a relaxation pro.

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Take your travel meditation techniques with you for the rest of your Trip. 

So you’ve taken time for yourself at the airport, and your flight was a total breeze. Now you’re at your destination, ready and excited for all your new experiences to come. If you're a meditation pro, don’t feel like you have to keep up your 6am start and meditation practice - although if it makes you happy, of course carry on! But be ready to enjoy some new locations and adventures, as travel is all about taking a break from your routine.

Why not try your regular meditation in a new location? Natural spaces, art galleries or even short walks can be amazing places to meditate on yourself and your surroundings. Try to use your meditation to ground yourself in your new location and let yourself feel totally present. You might feel a little silly closing your eyes in amongst the tourists (and maybe don't combine that with a walking meditation!) but even a 30 second break can help you recharge. 

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We hope our tips for taking some time for meditation and mindfulness when travelling can help you feel more prepared for your next trip. Make the most of every moment, but most importantly RELAX!

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