Jan 06, 2019

The Laptop Ban: How to Hack it and Travel Safely


Cara Hunt

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Let us help you understand what it means for you when travelling

On March 21st the UK government imposed a ban on carrying electronics over dimensions of 16.0cm (L) x 9.3cm (W) x 1.5cm (D) in your carry on luggage to and from six countries; Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Tunisia.  These items must now be placed in hold luggage. 

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What if I only paid for hand luggage?

Airlines are being encouraged to have a customer centric approach towards the new regulation.  Some airlines such as EasyJet are even providing a free service to check in your electrical appliances to hold luggage!  However we would advise to check with your airline provider well in advance of your journey to be sure of all up to date information (hopefully your airline provider is accommodating too!).

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Will I still be able to travel with my phone? 

Yes if your smartphone is within the dimensions stated.  Most smartphones are under these dimensions such as the iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z2.

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How to protect your valuables

If you are going to take your electricals with you on your journey, we would recommend investing in luggage tracking and extra security for your case such as a travel padlock.  One of the best luggage trackers on the market according to NerdTechy is the the Lug Loc luggage tracker. 

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Now you know all the basics: what else could you do with your travel time? 

The rule was put in place for a reason so instead of resisting, move with the change. Embrace it, use this time to do things you would never do if you had a laptop at your fingertips. 

Here's some suggestions... 

1. Have a Nap! 

Have a snooze with your Trtl Pillow 💤 Buy now!

2. Learn a language!

Some long haul airlines have in-flight entertainment apps where you can learn a new language! Or try Busuu a new interactive language app that allows you to converse with others around the world! 🌎

3. Try Meditating! 

Download the Headspace App, it will take you on a step by step guide you through meditating (so if it's your first time - don't worry!) Switch it on and take 15 to relax 🙏

4. Start a Journal

This is your moment! You could start a travel journal or just use your journal as a place to write down thoughts and ideas. 

5. Prioritise your workload before landing 

Use this time to prepare your workload pre-touchdown.  Apps such as Asana or Wunderlist 📱are Trtl favourites and help you organise your tasks and to-do list. 

You’d be surprised what you can do with this extra travel time! Surprise yourself: see what you can do on your next flight. We challenge you! 👍

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