Dec 07, 2019

Here's why the New Trtl Wrap is the best Travel Blanket ever


Gloria Nava

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So maybe we could be accused of being just a little biased... however here at Trtl we have done our fair share of long haul travel. Being an international brand comes with its fair share of plane hopping, time zone changing and the inevitable jet lag. 
The one thing we found from our own team was the sense of dread knowing you would be heading off on an overnight flight, long haul, middle seat and that the struggle to claim the armrests would be real! How do you sleep soundly when your fellow passengers oftentimes feel like they are practically sitting in your own chair with you!
As airlines continue to reduce the space given in economy class, something had to be done...
Enter the Trtl Wrap!
Unlike other blankets, the Trtl Wrap is designed to specifically cocoon the wearer giving you that secure feeling of your own space, aiding restful travel.
Here we would like to run down the amazing features of the Trtl Wrap Travel Blanket and why we believe it stands out against its competitors and worth the investment.

1. It offers Full Coverage

The use of both internal and external hand pockets plus the ability to create your own foot pocket combine to give you full coverage while resting. Standard airline blankets slip down or cover to the knees only leaving you a little exposed. The Trtl Wrap allows you to cocoon yourself in comfort for a greater sense of security and a sense of having your own space. 

2. It fastens in place so no more blanket slip!

We all know the feeling, just as you drift off the blanket you were handed by the airline that's about the size of a large napkin starts to drift off too. And on to the plane floor. 

The Trtl Wrap secures loosely round the back of the neck using snap buttons so moving around while you snooze won't cause you to lose your blanket.

3. It's lightweight but warm

On first inspection, it's hard to believe the Trtl Wrap would create enough warmth to beat the chill from the overhead AC. However, the Trtl Wrap utilizes innovative and sustainable Sonalan Plant-Based Down fill which gives the warmth without the weight. Light as a feather but with heat that can pack a punch.

4. It's height adjustable 

When creating the Trtl Wrap there was one thing we could all agree on. When we travel we like to take off our shoes but hate the idea of feet and socks being out on display. So being the creative sorts that we are, we added the ability to fold your own foot pocket using the snaps at the bottom of the blanket. And there are two height settings to match your needs.

5. It's portable

The Trtl Wrap comes with its own compression bag so that, like a sleeping bag, you can pack it away when not in use to protect the blanket from damage. Perfect for wheely cases when making a dash for the gate, the shock cord straps slip over the handles of your case.

6. It's got pockets!

Big pockets. A huge concern that most people have when trying to sleep on public transport or flights is the security of their valuables. The Trtl Wrap comes with a zippered security front pocket that's large enough for you to keep phones, passports and wallets close to hand.

7. You can tuck in your arms both outside and in

So you can choose where to rest your arms and hands. The large kangaroo pocket on the outside has a drawcord to bring it in closer for a snug feeling while the inner kangaroo pocket has a cosy fleece lining.

8. It's Machine Washable

Gone are the days of unwashed in-flight freebie blankets, take your Trtl Wrap with you and should you have any spills or feel it needs a refresh you can just stick it in the washing machine whenever you like!

9. It doubles up as a lumbar support

Not ready to catch some zzz's? The Trtl Wrap also doubles up as a lumbar support that can be hooked over the arms of your plane seat or office chair, improving posture and supporting the lower back.

10. Add to your armrest

The Trtl pillow can slip over the armrest to give a little extra padding when reading or when you have to lean out a little to give that middle seat passenger more room.

11. Not just for flights...

The Trtl Wrap is ideal for travel but also works well thrown down in the park, at the beach, around the campfire or even at home on the sofa with it's water-resistant outer. 

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